The Horse Lover

Arena riding

Experience a unique ride. With our andalusian stallions, you can enjoy a spanish tradition that has been going on for centuries. Our olympic-size riding arena is built to maximise your new experience. For novice to experienced riders.

Horse Show

Horse is not your specialty? No worries! We also offer other activities upon your request such as biking, trekking, or a relaxing massage in your room.



We have a one of a kind horse carriage that will give you a new outlook on horses. Enjoy a fifteen minute trip on the horse carriage, dragged by our very own, Almero, the Andalusian!

Trail riding

Explore the land on an andalusian horse back. this activity is aimed to make your day, and life for that matter, a notch more exciting! for experienced riders only

THE Wanderer

Romantic Carriage, Walk, Picnic

Take a quick trek around the estate, stop for a quick Spanish tapas meal and observe what is around you, nature.

The explorer


Khao Yai Hiking, MS Trekking and picnic

Take a more physical demanding approach to walking. Let us take you hiking on one of the six trails up in the national park, graded by difficulty and length. Or take a walk around our land and the neighbouring nature, with us, or on your own.